New Czech patent issued!

On 27th of January 2016 the Industrial property officee of the Čzech Republic issued the patent No.: 305667 “Method of chromatographic separation of radionuclide mixture, chromatographic paper, process for its preparation and kit for radionuclide mixture separation” authored by J. Kozempel, M. Vlk, P.  Mičolová a A. Bajzíková.

Disclosed is a method of chromatographic separation of radionuclide mixture, wherein the separation is carried out on a chromatographic paper with an in advance impregnated non-polar extraction agent N,N,N´,N´-tetrahydrocarbyl diglycolyl amide with an aqueous solution of a mineral acid as a mobile base. Further, the invention provides a chromatographic paper impregnated with N,N,N´,N´-tetrahydrocarbyl diglycolyl amide, process for its preparation, and a kit for the separation of a radionuclide mixture containing the paper and a mineral acid aqueous solution.

Original document can be downloaded here:

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